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These earrings are all unique; no pair will ever be duplicated. They are made with the finest quality gemstones and sterling silver.

Please contact me if you'd like to inquire about a custom pair of earrings.

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Amazonite, Swarovski Crystal, Bali Sterling Silver

Beautiful sterling silver filigree teardrop charms dangle below Swarovski crystals, Bali silver beads and amazonite faceted rondelles in these dainty yet glamorous earrings. Measuring just under 1.75" from the bottom of the sterling silver earhooks, they are just sparkly enough to add the right accent without overpowering.

Cost: $24.00

Swarovski Crystal , Sterling Silver

These earrings measure 3/4" from the bottom of the sterling silver earwires, and feature GORGEOUS Bali sterling silver beads and tiny jet Swarovski crystal beads hand-wrapped in sterling silver wire. These little stunners are perfect for daytime or evening wear.

Cost: $25.00

Black Coral , Sterling Silver

I love the dyed black coral beads used in these earrings - the natural pitting gives them a strange kind of distressed elegance.

1" long from the bottom of the sterling silver earhooks, these earrings can enhance a casual or dressy style.

Cost: $19.00

Sterling Silver, Aventurine, & Swarovski Crystals

Just after dawn, tiny fairies flit through the meadow, sprinkling crystalline drops of dew on pale green leaves. This magical vision is captured in these earrings; each one features a petite sterling silver fairy charm, cool green genuine aventurine beads, clear Swarovski crystals and tiny Hill Tribe silver beads. Earwires are sterling silver.
Aventurine is a quartz, primarily from India, and ranges from a pale green to deep forest green. It is said to be the stone of luck and chance, and also relieves stress and anxiety.

Matching necklace can be seen here.


Garnet, Moonstone, Sterling Silver

These bold earrings feature deep crimson garnet rondelles and gleaming moonstone chips. Approximately 1.5" long.
Matching necklace can be seen here and matching bracelet here.

Cost: $22.00

Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal

An icy blue Swarovski crystal and sparkling sterling silver bead are nestled in a waterfall of looped sterling silver chains. These elegant yet festive earrings are perfect for evening wear or any time you want to jazz your ears up a bit.

Cost: $24.00

Chalcedony, White Quartz , Bali Sterling Silver

Icy perfection! Pale periwinkle chalcedony beads are paired with white quartz and Bali silver beadcaps and spacers to create these cool beauties. Earwires and findings are sterling silver.
Chalcedony is the special name for quartz with microscopically small crystals. Unlike quartz, chalcedony does not look clear and glassy but translucent and waxy. In jewelry usage, the name Chalcedony is usually applied only to the light blue form.

Cost: $16.00

Bali Sterling Silver, White Quartz, Lab-made Larimar, Swarovski Crystal

Iridescent Swarovski crystals, striking blue larimar, snowy white quartz and Bali silver combine to make these cool, elegant earrings..

Cost: $18.50

Azurite Chrysocolla, Bali Sterling Silver

Lovely round chrysocolla beads in a deep azure shade add intrigue and complexity to these simple earrings, which are topped with Bali silver bead caps.

Cost: $22.00

Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver

Be sparkly! Genuine Swarovski crystals interspersed with corrugated silver beads make these earrings bright and eye-catching. Approximately 1 " long from the bottom of the sterling silver earwire.

Cost: $17.00

Amethyst, Freshwater Pearls, Sterling Silver

Gorgeous faceted amethyst beads combine with freshwater pearls and corrugated sterling beads in these earrings fit for a queen. Be sure to see the matching necklace.

Cost: $22.00

Blackwater Jasper, Blackstone, Sterling Silver

Richly patterned blackwater jasper pillow beads accentuated with Bali sterling silver and polished blackstone.
Matching necklace can be seen here.

Cost: $16.00

Sterling Silver, Moonstone & Flourite

Long, delicate sterling silver chains dangle beneath shimmery clusters of moonstone chips, ending in pretty, dark purple flourite beads. These eye-catching earrings are approximately 2" long from the bottom of the sterling silver earwire.

Cost: $17.50

Sterling Silver, Aventurine & Jade

Gorgeous oblong jade beads are topped with Bali silver spacers and round green aventurine beads.
Please note that this is genuine jade (jadeite), not 'mountain jade', 'new jade' or one of the many other jade substitutes.

Cost: $18

Botswana Agates, Sterling Silver

I love Botswana agate; it's rich and earthy and has the most gorgeous shades of brown, gold and gray. These earrings are made from highly polished Botswana agate nuggets clustered together on sterling wire. Approximately 1.25" long from the bottom of the sterling silver earwire.

Cost: $15

White Quartz, Freshwater Pearl, Flourite, Sterling Silver

These lovely, dainty little earrings remind me of new spring flowers atop a bed of snow. The white quartz beads at the bottom are capped with a sterling silver beadcap.

Cost: $16.00

Lab-Made Larimar, Honey Jade, Peridot, Bali Sterling Silver

Cool blue larimar is combined with the rich golden hue of hiney 'jade' and palest green peridot in these fun, trendy cluster earrings. Nubbly Bali silver beads round out the ensemble. Approximately 1.5" long. A matching bracelet can be found here

Cost: $20.00

Tree Agate, Sterling Silver

These earrings consist of two round beads and one square bead made of green tree agate. The patterns on this stone are endlessly fascinating, and the deep green color is truly lovely. Approximately 1" long.

Cost: $15.00

Sterling Silver & Swarovski Crystal

Shimmering and sparkly, these earrings are like tiny stars dancing under your ears. The large Swarovski crystal at the bottom has an AB finish so that it casts a rainbow reflection even on the dullest and cloudiest of days. Glittery 'stardust'-finish sterling silver beads add even more sparkle.

Cost: $17.00

Amethyst, White Quartz & Sterling Silver

Small, polished beads of white quartz and amethyst are separated by Bali silver spacer beads. At the bottom of these 1.5" earrings hang pretty, triangular sterling silver Celtic knot charms.

Cost: $22.00


These soft, pretty cluster earrings are made from creamy freshwater pearls and lab-created larimar beads. Earwires and findings are sterling silver.
Larimar is a form of pectolite found only in a single place in the Dominican Republic; because of its rarity, it is quite expensive! This lab-made alternative is just as pretty, at a fraction of the cost.

Cost: $16.00

Garnet, Moonstone, Sterling Silver

Gorgeous faceted garnet beads dangle from long, delicate sterling silver chains in these 1 3/4" long earrings.

Cost: $18.50


Yum! These jaunty little cluster earrings are comprised of bright, shiny little malachite beads. Keep them away from children, as they really do look good enough to eat!
Malachite is found primarily in Chile, Zaire and Australia.
It was worn in ancient times by Egyptians and Greeks, who also used ground-up malachite as eye shadow. It is believed to be a protection stone, and is sometimes called a 'mirror of the soul'.

Cost: $18.00